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Counselling is not about getting someone else to fix your problems or make decisions for you - it’s about enabling you to find the right way forward for yourself.

What is counselling?

Most of us are familiar with distressing feelings arising from anxiety, stress, anger or loss. There are times when we want to make changes to our lives, face our fears or re-connect with ourselves.

Sometimes it can be hard to do this by yourself, and it’s not always comfortable or useful to talk about your problems with people who are themselves part of your life, whether relatives, or friends.

That’s why many people find it easier to work through difficult or emotional issues with a trained professional counsellor who:

  • has skills to help you talk through your concerns and experiences, and work out the best way forward
  • provides a comfortable and safe space in which you can talk freely and honestly
  • guarantees that everything you say will be confidential
  • won’t make judgements about you, or tell you what to do

Exploring your thoughts and feelings can help you to identify what needs to change and how this can best be approached, so you have an increased awareness of yourself and others.

Some clients attend for just a few sessions, and others over a much longer period of time. This depends on what you feel is right for you, and the nature of the issues you’re trying to sort out.