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I offer a quiet and safe space, where you will be met with empathy, warmth and understanding. I’ll adapt my approach to suit your individual needs, working with you at your own pace.

The way I work

I’m a fully trained, qualified and experienced counsellor who will encourage and support you to explore hidden links, patterns and emotions that will help you to discover how to achieve a more balanced and happier life. I will not provide answers or give advice but intend to enable you to find your own way. You are under no obligation to talk about anything you don’t want to.

Feeling comfortable with your counsellor and building a good therapeutic relationship will help to facilitate change in your life.

Counselling is commonly a ‘talking’ therapy. Some clients however like the opportunity to express themselves creatively through techniques such as art, writing, sandplay or movement. I will support you in gaining insight and overcoming difficulties in a way that suits you.

Our face to face sessions will take place in comfortable and private rooms in the centre of Exeter or Newton Abbot.

I can assure you of complete confidentiality.


I offer an initial half hour consultation free of charge, either face to face or by phone. In this session you can find out if you feel comfortable with me. You don’t have to continue and you won’t be charged anything if you decide not to. My normal rate is £40 an hour.